I am an Instructor of a NACTAR, Bogra, Bangladesh. I am working for more than 24 years. I am also working as a part time worker in Odesk.com as well as Elance.com. I know SEO, SEM, SMM etc. My hobby is to travel the countries of the Whole World.
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The EFRBS also known as EFURBS

Many people still have cash locked away in their EFURB or EFURBS and would now like to extract it and either re-invest the cash in a tax-free environment or alternatively have access to the cash right now. We can assist with both of these 2 aims and offer even more opportunities. If you have a … Continue reading

corporate tax planning

The Tax Experts will easily assist you in accelerating your wealth creation with corporate tax planning. Corporate tax planning is configuring your company’s’ affairs so you can legally avoid or reduce corporation tax. However you may also use a standard profit extraction method to take the profits out of your company without paying any corporation … Continue reading